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5 Reasons Why Papercutting is Great

Why cut paper? There are lots of good reasons that paper cutting is a great medium for art and crafting.

Paper cutting is suitable for all ages and skill levels.
Kids can use blunt scissors to cut out simple shapes, colorful flowers and leaves, herds of paper horses, and dinosaurs. Adults can make more complex shapes with sharp scissors and hobby knives. You can use clip art to start, or design your own.

Paper cutting is inexpensive.
Unlike many arts and crafts which use pricy tools and supplies, you can start paper cutting with just a sheet of paper and a pair of scissors. You might also want to get a craft knife and a cutting surface (special mats are available, but I like to use the glass from a cheap picture frame).

Paper cutting is neat.
Except for picking up the paper scraps! Seriously, there's no paint to spill.

Paper doesn't take up a lot of space.
You just someplace for cutting and a box for sketches and finished work.

Paper cutting adapts itself to many uses.
With paper cutting you can create: beautiful fine art to frame and hang on the wall; illustrations; stencils to transfer designs onto t-shirts, canvas, cakes and other things; greeting cards and holiday decorations; or whatever you can think of.

Paper cutting offers infinite possibilities. Suitable for both arts and crafts, young and old, simple and complex designs, paper cuts can be decorative, bold, intricate, silly, or profound.

Why cut paper? It's a true art form that is inexpensive and infinitely expressive.

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